Yang Tai Chi Chuan ( Tai Chi )

Tai Chi Chuan is a profound health/exercise  discipline, which is a restorative, and a health promoting system for  the body and the mind.  Traditionally taught as a Martial Art in past  times, it is now more commonly taught as what I call a ‘Martial Health  System'. 

     There is an extensive history of Tai Chi Chuan that one can  explore on many websites, some listed in our links section. For the  potential practitioner to know the present and the future of Tai Chi  Chuan we have briefly noted some of the current research so that you may  understand the power of the practice.

       Businesses - please consider instituting a Tai Chi program for  staff to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Many leading companies now  understand, that providing exercise opportunities, and incentives to  exercise, lowers health costs and promotes many positives in the  workplace.  SF Bay Tai Chi will come to your workplace and provide a  pilot program for your approval, and meeting with your approval, craft a  regular program for your staff.

       Leading edge conceptualizers who use staff retreats may be  interested in having Tai Chi or Chi Kung as a part of the program.  A  morning session of Chi Kung and introductory Tai Chi to set up for a day  of staff retreat will bring greater relaxation and creativity to your  process.  We are here to offer you services in that capacity.

     Instructor Paul Reinhertz began his training in White Crane Gung  Fu (1969) at the Geary Blvd (San Francisco) studio of Master George  (Chin) Long. 1972 marks the beginning of his studies with Master Robert  Cook focusing on Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing Yi and Pa Qua.  "Practicing then,  practicing now"

Join our 8:00 a.m. morning classes in City Park, Vallejo, California – beginners through advanced.  We practice the “108 step” Yang Form as well as Tai Chi Sword and Tai Chi Cane.    

Paul Reinhertz

photo by Jane Richey www.janerichey.com
Paul Reinhertz photo by Jane Richey www.janerichey.com