Tai Chi in the Park, Vallejo, Ca. Yang Style First Section


These offerings are available for  group or individual instruction; retreats; and for assistance with  employee health-promoting plans

Yang Tai Chi Chuan (traditional long form)
       Wu Tai Chi Chuan
       Quan Ping Tai Chi Chuan
       Tai Chi Sword
       Tai Chi Cane
       Taoist Six Healing Sounds
       Flying Swan Chi Kung
       White Crane Gung Fu 

Past Instructors in Chronological Order

Sifu George (Chin) Long
       Sifu Chan Hak Fu
       Sifu Robert Cook
       Sifu H.H. Lui
       Sifu Sheng Keng-yun
       Sifu Raymond Tsou
       Sifu Clarence Lee
       Sifu Tim Hau
       Sifu Qiang-Ya Liang

I wish to acknowledge my enduring gratitude to  Robert Cook,  Master of Tai Chi Chuan in all its myriad forms, as well  as a multitude of other Chinese Martial Arts.  His teachings over the  ten years of my study with him, form the foundation of my practice.       

Yang Style Sword (Jen) Form

Tai Chi Cane Paul Reinhertz